Venus Fly Trap: How To Take Care and Feed One of the World’s Coolest Plants

Venus Fly TrapThe Venus Fly Trap is a plant that every kid in the world wants to own.  A plant that is “alive” and eats things that lands in it’s mouth.  What kid doesn’t like to feed his plant meat?  As fun as the Venus Fly Trap is, there are some tricks and tips to keeping it alive and healthy.

Growing Venus Fly Traps

  • The Venus Fly Trap is used to growing in a bog with soils of little nutritional value and thus feeds itself through the traps.  This also mean don’t pamper it. It doesn’t need fertilizer and special care that other plants desire
  • It needs a humidity level of 50% or more.  Plants are often sold in plastic boxes to help trap humidity.  If it doesn’t a plastic bag over the pot will serve the same purpose
  • You can also creative humidity by placing a pan of water underneath the plant but make sure to keep the plant out of the dish as you don’t want the plant to soak up the water
  • A terrarium can be built out of plastic pop bottle for one plant or an old fish tank if you have many plants
  • A Venus Fly Plant needs a lot of indirect light.  At least 10-15 hours.  A south side window or a florescent light will do the trick.   The plant does not like direct sun or really hot conditions so make sure to keep everything indirect.
  • Don’t water your plant using water out of the faucet.  Only use rainwater or chlorine free water

Feeding Venus Fly Traps

  • Despite your want and desire, don’t feed your plant more than once or twice a month.  It will be perfectly happy on this amount of food
  • If you really have to watch it eat then limit your feeding to once a week or even once every ten days
  • Never feed your plants hamburger or other protein based meats.
  • Springing the traps with your fingers or a pointed device zaps the energy from the plant that could possibly weaken the plant and even kill it.
  • Live insects is a the preferred food of your plant but a dead bug can be fed if it didn’t die from bug spray.
  • Catching a live insect and cutting it into small pieces is an easy way to feed your plant
  • Crickets and grasshopppers will feed on your plant so make sure the feeding is one way

Don’t Worry When Your Plant Goes Dormant

  • Black leaves are a sign of stress, often too humid.  Make sure to trim them off
  • Your plant will go dormant for 3 months, usually during the winter, and will lose all it’s leaves.  Leave it alone during this period.  Keep it cool (50 degrees or so) and on the drier side
  • When your plant is active keep it constantly moist and much warmer 70-90 degrees.

There you go.  The secrets to your success with a Venus Fly Trap.  Drop us a line if you have troubles growing one.  Maybe we can help.

Here’s a little video on What NOT to feed your plant.

6 comments to Venus Fly Trap: How To Take Care and Feed One of the World’s Coolest Plants

  • Jeff

    What kind of ferilizer would you recomend? And what dosage?

  • Venus Flytrap was always way cooler than Dr. Johnny Fever. Seriously, thanks for posting such fascinating information. I haven’t owned one before but I want to now.


    i jest got one and they are so cool im a kid so they are better than some boreing old plant that does nothing.


    so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

  • yassy

    ok i got a venus fly trap n im just making sure u can cut of the part that eats the bug if its black n i t will grow back?

  • Sarah

    I am thinking of buying one today, they have small ones at a pet store i work at. I think i have the perfect spot for it, part of our kitchen is like a sun room but direct sunlight never hits most parts, i think the plants would love it.

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