Pole Apple Trees: Columnar is the New Trend in Fruits

Growing your own fruits and vegetables has become a hot trend over the last few years but homeowners that planted their fruit trees are learning a hard lesson.  Even dwarf varieties can get to be a pretty big plant.  That problem has been solved.  Introducing what is going to be the hot new plants over the next decade.  Pole apples.  All the fruit of a broad apple tree but it grows straight up.  As a bonus, the first few years as the tree is developing you’ll still get a few apples but they’ll be some of the largest apples you’ve ever seen.

Some of the apple varietes coming on the market are

Colonade Golden Sentinel-  A yellow variety with a delicious taste

Colonade North Pole – A red type similar to Red Delicious

Colonade Scarlet Sentinel- Another Red Variety

These pole apples can be grown in containers as well but don’t expect more than 15-20 apples per year if grown in a container.  We’ll give you more photos and info as we grow more of these apples this year.  Greenleaf Nursery and Stark Brothers are introducing new varieties in the coming year so we’ll make sure to keep you posted on all the new varietes.

1 comment to Pole Apple Trees: Columnar is the New Trend in Fruits

  • Thomas Chatterly

    Interesting, but I wonder if the yield would be sufficient. I like the idea of this pole approach, but a person can go through apples pretty fast. I still understand how this is better than planting an actual apple tree. There is a lot of maintenance with that approach. I think maybe that a geodesic greenhouse might work well for this project. They can be small but produce extremely abundant fruits and vegetables.

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