Coreopsis verticillata ‘Route 66′

This is not a painting.  This is a photo I took with my iPhone today of the incredible colors of the flowers of Coreopsis verticillata ‘Route 66′. This may be one of the better flower pictures my iPhone has ever taken and I merely set a few flowers on the ground.  This isn’t one of those Coreopsis that you see in the magazines and then find out it won’t grow up north.  It’s a zone 5 plant and in Central IL has overwintered wonderfully.  It’s a thread leaf coreopsis so it’s very easy to grow and will take hot sun.   It gets about 24″ tall and the flowers are bigger than ‘Moonbeam’ and can get as big as 2 inches across.  The flowers usually have more yellow than red during the hot season with the red bleeding out from the center but this year the red seems to be prevalent the entire season.  Usually that red doesn’t take over until we hit September and the cool air changes the flower color.  Look for this one to bloom from late May until early October.    For more information and other great Coreopsis photos, go to our other website

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