Perennial Of The Year 2011: Amsonia hubrictii

Amsonia hubrictii has always been a favorite of perennial gardeners across the midwest and southeast.  This year it might be a little harder to find than usual because the Perennial Plant Association has chosen it as the Perennial of the Year for 2011.  With the honor usually comes hot sales.  Last year we noticed a shortage of the plant due to the increased use in mass planting in commercial and government plantings.

Amsonia is a great plant for several.  One, it’s very easy to grow and tolerant of harsh conditions.  Two, the flowers are attractive and abundant.  Third, the foliage is airy and has nice appeal even without flowers.  A finally, it has a fantastic bright yellow fall color that draws your eye from long distances.  Our advice is if you want to add this plant to your garden this year then you will want to pick up this plant at your local garden centers early.

Height: 3 feet

Width  2-3 feet

Bloom Color:  Light Blue

Zone: 5-9

Light: Part Sun to Sun

Deer Resistant

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