An Evergreen With Gorgeous Fall Color: PINUS (Pine) contorta ‘Chief Joseph’

If you’re looking for spectacular fall color then you need to check out this new variety of limber pine called ‘Chief Joseph’.   During the spring and summer this Pinus contorta doesn’t appear much different than other limber pines, a light green to green needle cast and soft look.  As the temperatures cool the true beauty of this plant comes to the surface.   It becomes a conifer that will be the center of your winter garden.  The bright glowing yellow color lasts all winter long until it reverts back to the spring color. We spotted this beauty immediately as we exited the car at a nursery in Oregon. It’s been a tough find at the local garden centers but we’ll do our best to edit this post with places that have it for sale.

Type: Dwarf
Common Name: LodgePole Pine, Limber Pine
Height: 6 feet
Width: 3 feet
Zone: 5 to 9

Growth Rate: 2 to 4 inches a year with slowing growth rate after 10 years

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