Gold Japanese Maple: ACER palmatum ‘Shidawa Gold’

Shidawa Gold Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Shidawa Gold’ is a witches broom at Raraflora Nursery in Australia that originated off Aoyagi.  The leaves are very similar in color and shape but Shidawa Gold only gets to approximately 6 feet in height.  Grown for it’s pea green winter bark and spectacular yellow fall color, this selection is a rare treasure.  Makes an excellent japanese maple bonsai. There have been some issues with leaves burning in direct sunlight but this often can be the case with any japanese maple, especially light green leaved varieties. Picture is taken during October and shows the brilliant fall color.

Height: 6 feet

Width: 5 feet

Spring Leaf Color: Lime Green

Fall Leaf Color: Yellow

Zone: 6 to 9

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